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OES Graff4CE Removers

Innovative & Effective

OES Graff4CE remover is the benchmark for safe and effective products that can remove even the most difficult graffiti, paint, ink, wax and coatings while protecting the surface and the user. The exceptionally versatile OES range offers a solution on every finishing material.

The products are extensively tested in our own laboratory and expertly demonstrated on location by our enthusiastic team. For many years, OES products have been successfully applied to transport companies, government agencies, contractors, cleaning companies and the industry.


Doesn't affect the surface
Safe for surface and user
Quick and effective

Image by Taylor  Rooney

How to Use

Reliable & Honest

OES has developed its own remover product range over many years to create solutions which are safe for the surface and the user.  

A wide range of removers for various types of contaminants like dirt, algae, rust, chewing gum, glue, graffiti and inks.

We offer the solution for every problem!

How should our products be applied?

This is stated in our TDS sheets and in the product information.

Need help? Our consultants are happy to assist you!

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