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MWO uses a combination of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds and polyorganosiloxane to create a positively-charged anti-microbial layer that deactivates and kills harmful organisms. 

The negatively charged microbes (bacteria & viruses) are attracted to and stick to the positively-charged biocidal surface coating. Once ‘stuck’, the biocides work by weakening and disrupting the microbe’s cell membrane through physical and ionic mechanisms, ultimately killing the bacteria and viruses.

Image by CDC

Proven Residuality

MWO28 offers 28 days protection on surfaces.

HandShield works on the same scientific premise and offers 4 hours of protection due to the inclusion of moisturisers that allow the active properties to soak into the skin and maintain the active barrier. 

1Tab is a daily surface cleaning product in a powdered tablet format that offers the same level of sanitising protection and is active at 99.999999% for 7 days once diluted.

For full testing and BS EN compliance see Test data.



Modern Chemistry

Scientific virus protection

TouchShield 180

TouchShield 180 is an anti-viral coating that conforms to ISO 21702:2019 for anti-viral activity. 

To meet this ISO level the surface creates an environment where the nutrients that feed viruses & bacteria cannot live, so the virus starves and degrades over a 2-hour period with 70% degradation taking place in 12 minutes. 

A visual explanation would be a surface that on a nano level is too slippery for nutrients to adhere to, creating a safe surface where viruses cannot survive.


TouchShield 180

How it works