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Specialist Cleaning Products

OES offers a complete range of professional cleaning products for facades, floors, the industrial sector, kitchens, rolling stock and interior. 

User-friendly products that offer a solution for the most diverse cleaning situations, surfaces and contaminations. By means of our customised advice in combination with high quality products, we ensure that there is a mutual success with our long-term relationships.

Our product range is designed to help tackle every challenge through providing easy to use chemicals that always deliver on their promises.

Image by Barthelemy de Mazenod

Key Benefits

Extends the lifespan
Quick and effective
Environmentally friendly products

Versatile application for all surfaces
Durable products
Deep cleansing effect
Alkaline, neutral and acidic cleaners

Cleaning the Floor

Substrate Wash

Vertical & Horizontal Surface Cleaner

Powerful fast acting solution which is effective on most surfaces.

Quickly removes dirt, soil from floors, walls and roofs.

Cleans internal and external floors and walls.

Cleans roofs prior to coating with bituminous coatings.

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