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Using science and experience to bring people together and helping society protect against viruses

Independent laboratory tested products developed by industry leading science


Our Mission

Innovative, technology driven and proven green chemistry based solutions to help the world fight viruses by facilitating and helping provide clean, safe spaces for everyone.


Our USPs

UK designed, manufactured and distribution
360 degree solution for all areas within the built environment
User friendly application
Environmentally friendly packaging
Independently proven efficacy


Our Company

OES are committed to our mission and using our scientific expertise to minimise our impact on the planet, whilst helping protect against all known viruses.

We respect the earth and understand the importance of sustainable solutions.

Our products are designed to be highly effective and easy to use.

OES deliver on our promises to provide peace of mind.


OES Technology & Innovation

OES helps create healthier, cleaner environments by using our revolutionary water-based antimicrobial technology. Our products are versatile and once applied, provide next levels of protection. 

Our products form invisible layers of nanospike protection which penetrate cell membranes and destroy them.  The nanonspike process is mechanical and not chemical as happens when using other long-term solutions such as silver or copper based options.

Our active ingredient is ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) registered to reduce a broad spectrum of microbes. 

Key Benefits: Invisible, Water-based, Colourless & Odourless, Proven Formula, Quaternary Ammonium Silicone

OES Ingredients

OES products use purified, deionised water and an antimicrobial compound.

Our formula uses Quaternary Ammonium Compound – commonly used antibacterial agents found in products such as toothpaste, contact lens products, cosmetics, soaps.

Our special uniqueness lies in the technology behind the quaternary ammonium compound which enables OES to stay active and continue killing pathogens for industry leading periods of time.

Does OES protect against Covid-19?

Whilst we are unable to name the specific pathogens OES kills, we can state that we have passed the EN14476 (Enveloped Viruses).

Follow the link here to show what pathogens this test includes

To view the whole document, click here.

How OES Works

Our coating’s technology is based on the use of quaternary ammonium silicone compounds (“SiQAC”) as antimicrobial agents, either in solvent, or in aqueous and stable solutions.

Making these compounds using a water-based system provides a host of benefits. They are non-flammable and require no solvents for dilution. They require no special handling, are uniformly dispersible on almost any surface, and are simple and economical to use because of their extended shelf-life.

When the ammonium salts react with certain organosilanes they form an integrated system. Once this system is applied to any surface, it forms an invisible (one molecule deep) and durable (through ion exchange and rapid polymerization) antimicrobial protection.





This new generation of antimicrobial coatings are water-based.
The coatings contain no VOC, heavy metals, formaldehyde treatment, phenol groups, or odor causing agents that can lead to allergies or asthma.


Our active ingredient is registered with ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) for use in almost all locations and surfaces from textile to hard non-porous surfaces.


Our active ingredient has been used for over 20 years, as an additional ingredient in the manufacturing process for a wide range of textiles, from sofas to socks worldwide.