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Close-up Of Man Rinsing And Gargling Wit


New from OES

A Class IIa medical device mouthwash breakthrough!! C.E marked (N.B 0044).

Gentle mouth rinsing solution based on HOCl.

For thorough cleaning and decontamination of the oral cavity and gums. The Veriforte® med oral mouth rinsing solution is also used in the oral cavity and the pharynx before and after tooth ex- tractions and oral surgery. It is also useful for canker sores and gum injuries.

Key features:

  • No discoloration of the teeth

  • No tongue coating

  • No impairment of taste

  • Can be used indefinitely

  • No damage to the oral flora

  • Reduction of bad breath and wound swelling

  • Removal of plaque on tongues and teeth

How it works -Veriforte® med oral mouthwash:

The Veriforte® med oral mouthwash washes around single-cell microorganisms. In this case en- gages the hypochlorous acid to the cell wall of the microorganisms and increases its permeability. The hypotonic Veriforte TM med solution ensures that more water flows into the cells to com- pensate for the osmotic gradient.
Osmolysis occurs: the increasing internal pressure causes the cells to burst .

The Veriforte® med oral mouth rinse solution is made up of: Water, NaCl, NaOCl and HOCl , stabilized by a unique process.

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